Plastic moldings ABS and GRP

Quite usually, the front panels square measure made up of acrylic capped ABS plastic and a few makers are legendary to use a gauge too skinny for the aim. These are replaced underneath guarantee within the event of failure, however, this can be not excellent news as this a customary material currently for the fronts of caravans.

Different types of plastic

GRP (often known as fiberglass) is sometimes rough on the unseen face and sleek on the opposite.

ABS plastic is generally sleek and glossy on either side except once it’s used for dark colored bumpers wherever it tends to own a unsmooth end.


Although ABS will be repaired if necessary, there square measure much more GRP repairers out there United Nations agency do an excellent job, part as a result of it’s easier to match colors with GRP. Caravan repairers typically opt to replace complete moldings, which may be big-ticket. If you want to aim your own repairs, then within the GB you’ll be able to obtain Sikaflex 512 adhesive sealing material and a surface filling compound. For additional permanent repairs there square measure purpose developed ABS repair kits that square measure costlier at regarding £100.


Sheet GRP panels

These square measure usually employed in place of sheet Al that was employed in the past. adept specialists will repair localized harm.


Monocoque body shells

These single molded structures provide large strength and lightweight weight. There seam free construction ensures there’s newer any ingress of water issues.


Aluminium skin

This was the standard facing for caravans, pre-painted Al sheet. These square measure continually packed with holes as there square measure countless screws holding all the external components, like lights, variety plates etc. once the bedding sealing material fails, the caravan starts to leak and this can be the traditional ending of the antecedently dry van. once a caravan created like this receives harm, the traditional strategy is to patch it up with a replacement piece of Al over the harm.


About campervan conversions

Campervans use their original vehicles steel bodies, in order that they square measure simply repaired at an automobile body search, rather like an automobile would be. this can be quite enticing proposition once you assume that the other body varieties could involve long waits for components to arrive.