If you do not have time to serve the bike then there is nothing to worry about. Apply online for the service and be assured.

Employees of the AC Auto Electrical Ltd. company will take your bike and car services in new Zealand.

During the MBA, Robert had thought that he would do such a thing, so that he should not ask for a job, rather he would give employment to the youth himself. So, the company planned to build.

Before making the company, he worked as an Associate Team Leader for two years in a company in Christchurch (New Zealand). After this he started the AC Auto Electrical Ltd. company. He kept four bike mechanics and made the website www.acautoelectrical.co.nz.


Bike on the website began to take orders for scooter service. Seeing the number of those who took their service within thousands of thousands had crossed. About 250 bikes per month, they come to service online. The purpose of the lamp is now to expand its company’s services car and other areas.


Robert told that he offers three types of service. The first service (Silver) is like the service available in the market. The service of the bike in the market ranges from 300 to 350 $, it is given in 350 $.

In addition, he has also started the Gold and Platinum Service, in which the service of the bikes is improved and scratches are also removed. The rate of gold is 250 and the platinum service rate is 300 $. Robert has tied up with more than 20 garages in the city. He has a bike mechanic on every garage.


AC Auto Electrical made from hobby of bikes

Deepak told that he had been very fond of bikes since college days. So, they started the service of the bikes. There are many mechanics in the market which are lagging behind and not being friendly, but they learn new technology from the bikes through the internet and update their mechanics.


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